Postcards From the Fringe

Tymes Trust and Scottish Home Education Forum held a fringe evidence session on Wednesday 15th of November, 2017 to gather views on the Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill which is currently before the Education & Skills Committee of the Scottish Parliament. We heard evidence from those with first-hand experience of GIRFEC, SHANARRI and named person policy: the parents and families on the receiving end of practitioners' wellbeing subjectivity.

Despite the fact that parliament did not think it necessary to seek the views of and hear from such vital players in this debate, the evidence from parents and families is nevertheless crucial to deliberations over this legislation because it is they who have, and will continue, to bear the brutal brunt of such ill-conceived poorly drafted legislation.

What we heard further highlighted the appalling experiences of families under this much-hated scheme, with families making it clear that they do not want this legislation, in any form, they want it scrapped in totality.

Parents and families were keen to start a petition calling for a public enquiry on this whole debacle and if parliament will not do this, families want an independent citizen's enquiry in order to get at the truth.

Parents and families do not only want the named person scheme scrapped they raised questions over the viability of continuing with GIRFEC - as one parents stated "data is the spine of GIRFEC. How can it work?" given the ruling from the UK Supreme Court last year.

Some of those who gave evidence accompanied us down to the parliament at the end of the evidence session, and one young person who has been a victim of this legislation, presented James Dornan MSP, Convener of the Education and Skills Committee with over 90 pieces of evidence of families' experiences. We hope Mr Dornan and every member of the Committee read and hear these experiences.

The postcards are now available to view via the 'Evidence' tab and a recording of the event will be available soon.

Please keep your evidence coming in - we will keep adding it as long as you keep sending it to us.

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